What is a Quality Assurance Manual?

Quality Assurance Manuals

What is a Quality Assurance Manual?

Any business hoping to be successful in a competitive marketplace is concerned about quality. That includes the products it makes and the services it offers. Worker safety is also a concern. This is true across all industries in Australia, New Zealand, and throughout the world. Quality assurance is the practice of meeting a high level of quality. From product development to manufacturing and delivery, QA is vital. Toward this goal, a quality assurance manual keeps the organisation on track while QA software organises audits, inspections, and documents so safety standards get met.

What is a Quality Assurance Manual?

A quality assurance manual is a document outlining the specifics of an organisation’s quality management system (QMS). This includes information on what the QMS is and how it should work. Manuals help businesses in every industry, however, the important thing is that it’s tailored to the needs of the organisation that creates them. It includes businesses operating in the healthcare industry, as well as construction, engineering, and manufacturing.

The QA manual defines the quality management system and sets the standards for obtaining quality and safety.  To create this document, a quality assurance manual template is a good place to start. That said, the manual should not be a fill-in-the-blank document. For example, one purpose served by the manual is the communications link it forms among different team members within a company. Therefore, detailed, comprehensive expectations for quality must be a part of the document.

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Benefits of Using a Quality Assurance Manual

As mentioned above, the quality assurance manual details how an organisation’s quality management system functions. Therefore, it remains an important reference point for the QMS. Updated and referred to regularly, it’s a living record of the system. It pinpoints weaknesses and corrects them. Businesses benefit from quality assurance manuals in several ways. 

Better Management of the QMS Manual

A cloud quality management system gives access to all team members to track progress on tasks such as the completion of ISO certification. It also provides quality assurance manual samples businesses can use to create their own guides. Ongoing review of the system prevents inefficiencies and keeps the system from going astray. 

Keep Team Members in the Loop

With a QA manual in place, businesses have a system to track required certification, manage inspections and audits, review upcoming tenders, track safety issues, and most important of all, deliver high-quality goods and services. It gives access to all team members so no single employee is responsible for the knowledge contained in the document. With the information in one place, communication problems become fewer as the vision of the organisations becomes more clear.

Creating a QA Manual

Once a business understands the benefits of a QA manual, the next step is creating one. For example, SafeWrite offers a QMS software platform that organises information on registers and reminders, incident and risk assessments, and more. Using a quality assurance manual example or sample PDF provides good insight as well. It allows for easy management of documents and is a powerful tool for staying on top of audits and inspections. For instance, the quality assurance manual sample PDF guides the process of creating the manual’s specifications.

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Learn More About Quality Assurance Manuals

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