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Improving Safety and Compliance Across the Engineering Industry

Engineers are problem solvers by definition. Whether it is transportation, infrastructure or medical devices – they are consistently looking at ways to improve everyday life. As a result, these businesses need to adopt a continuous improvement approach

Risk Assessment and Notification

Review all potential risks prior to any dangerous activity

Work in the engineering industry is considered ‘high risk’. Chemicals, machinery and heavy vehicles poses potential risks to workers and can potentially cause serious injury or death. Therefore, these businesses need to make a commitment to the ongoing safety of their workers through implementing a Risk Assessment process, where risks and hazards can be logged, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) can be generated and relevant parties can be notified automatically.
The SafeWrite platform includes a Risk Assessment register for workers to log risks and hazards automatically, this can then be automatically generated into a SWMS and notified to any managers or field workers.

Increasing ‘Red Tape’ for Government Contracts

Growing difficulty to win new jobs and grow

Many engineering businesses rely on tenders and government contracts for the majority of their projects. Similarly, government agencies rely on engineers to ensure that the roads, infrastructure etc being developed is of a high quality. Unfortunately, a recent poor history in the engineering and construction industry has forced these government agencies to adopt a more rigid requirement for the businesses to adopt.
Many tenders now require ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 compliance to ensure these business adopt best practice methodology across safety, quality and environmental management.
The SafeWrite platform includes ready-made policies, procedures and templates all compliant with the latest ISO Standards, perfect for tender submissions.

Documentation Management and Storage

Lack of documentation management can harm scalability

Documentation has become increasingly important across the engineering industry as a whole, not only do key policies and procedures need to be maintained for compliance, but they also hold a blueprint for workers to understand their roles and key processes. Thereby significantly reducing the onboarding time for new workers.
The SafeWrite platform has a powerful Policies and Documentation Management tool for users to continuously manage their key processes. All version numbers are updated automatically and users can be notified of any policy approvals via email.

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