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Who We Are

SafeWrite is an online management tool that helps SME’s systemize their HSEQ obligations. The online SafeWrite platform has over 15 integrated registers with built in reminders to help your staff stay on top of what’s due, when it’s due.

Our Why

You love everything that you do, except for the endless paperwork! Maintaining compliance and ISO standards is part of the job, but it doesn’t need to be your job! We know you wear a lot of hats and compliance can weigh heavily on your shoulders. These standards are important, but tracking and documenting everything can sometimes seem daunting!


The SafeWrite platform does all the heavy lifting for you, so you can get back to doing what you do best. Paperwork, cumbersome checks and complicated forms can lead to clunky systems and inevitable human error, we’ve simplified these processes to save you time and money, without having to worry about compromising accuracy or safety.

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