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Improving Safety and Quality Measures in the Manufacturing Industry

Similar to the construction industry, there are an alarming number of statistics coming out of the Manufacturing industry. Over the past 5 years on average, 22 workers have died, 3,100 workers suffered a serious injury and there were over 4,000 injuries where the worker had over 7 days off work. This presents an obvious issue for the industry. Not only are worker’s safety at risk, but the businesses itself will suffer from a lack of productivity and downtime as a result of these incidents and risks.

Managing Production Quality

Effectively Managing All Aspects of Quality Control

Quality management in the manufacturing industry has a direct correlation to an organisation’s brand image, reputation and bottom line. Poorly produced products can potentially cripple a business in refunds, returns and recalls. As a result, a Quality Management System (QMS) needs to be employed to manage and control all aspects of quality, namely: supplier management, non-conformance reporting, internal auditing and management review.
The SafeWrite tools come pre-built with Non-Conformance and Corrective Actions Registers to help report, track and monitor these Quality processes, with built in notification

Storing and Handling Hazardous Materials

Managing and tracking Chemicals and Hazardous Materials

Most manufacturers deal with chemicals and/or hazardous substances. In situations where large quantities are involved, there is a potentially serious risk to the health and safety of nearby workers. Therefore, these businesses need to take appropriate actions to mitigate these risks, such as: having an SDS (Safety Data Sheet) nearby, regularly reviewing the chemicals and keeping an eye on any expiration dates.
The SafeWrite platform has a Chemical and Hazardous Substances Register to manage and track these materials. Users are notified automatically of any expiration or review dates and risks can be synced with the Risk Register to generate a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS).

Navigating Changing Laws and Standards

Staying up to date and ensuring compliance

Laws and standards should be reviewed internally at least once a year. In fact, in most situations, it is recommended that you review your applicable legal and regulatory responsibilities every six months. This is because laws and standards regularly undergo change and development in response to changing business factors.
The SafeWrite platform offers pre-built documentation aligned to the latest standards for Quality (ISO 9001), Safety (ISO 45001) and Environmental (ISO 14001) frameworks. All documentation is reviewed regularly by a network of consultants and auditors, and all content is updated in response to any changes in the standards.

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