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Ensuring a Quality Service, Delivered Safely

It’s not just production-based industries who need to prioritise Quality, Safety and Environmental Management. Service-based industries such as transport, logistics, procurement and warehousing also need to ensure that:

  1. The safety of their workers is maintained
  2. The environmental impact of their operations is minimised
  3. The quality of their service delivery is consistent with the standard expected by their customers and clients

Managing Ongoing Inspections and Audits

Keeping all Inspection and audit data in one location

In most service-based industries, regular inspections and audits need to be conducted to ensure a high-quality service delivery. Vehicles and equipment needs to be reviewed, Customer delivery checklists need to be maintained and completion of work(s) need to be signed off. Conducting all of these through paper-based systems can be clunky and cumbersome. Additionally, it can also leave room for errors and issues being left unnoticed.
The SafeWrite platform includes a powerful Audit and Inspection Builder for users to easily create and maintain their audit and checklist templates. These templates can also prompt required actions, NCR’s or attachments to be triggered when certain criteria is or isn’t met.

Growing Compliance Requirements

Enabling businesses to become compliant quickly and adapt to any changes

There are a number of service-based industries where risks are minimal, as a result, these businesses rarely invest the time to develop a Safety Management solution. Similarly, as no actual manufacturing is being conducted, they also fail to see the importance of a solid Quality Management System.
Unfortunately, this has the potential to hurt these businesses when they start looking for larger jobs and tenders. Many of which require evidence that they are implementing a ‘best practice’ system that is consistent with the ISO frameworks.
The SafeWrite platform includes ready-made policies, procedures and templates all compliant with the latest ISO Standards, perfect for tender submissions.

Promoting Worker and Customer Safety

Managing growing changes and development of health & safety protocols

The previous two years has forced a rapid change in Health & Safety protocols. Many service-based industries are customer-facing and therefore need to be kept up to date with the latest standards and protocols around safety.
The SafeWrite platform undergoes regular changes and updates in response to any changes in legislation or ISO requirements. Additionally, any policy or document updates can be sent to staff for acknowledgement to ensure that everyone is kept on the same page.

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