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Promoting a Safer Workplace for Healthcare Workers and Participants

During recent years, there has been a growing demand on all healthcare providers to demonstrate an increased governance. The safety of healthcare workers and participants is a top priority across the board.

Document Management & Distribution

All information and forms controlled in one location

Whether looking at simple forms or complex patient management processes, all levels of documentation need to be controlled and managed effectively. In addition to this, documentation with sensitive patient information needs to adhere strict regulations
The SafeWrite platform has a powerful Policies and Document Management tool to help control, manage and distribute forms, procedures and processes more effectively.
Don’t have any documents in place? That’s fine! The SafeWrite platform also offers pre-build documentation for Quality Assurance (ISO 9001), Health & Safety (ISO 45001) and Environmental Management (ISO 14001). To learn more about these templates, click here.

Reducing the Number of Preventable Errors

Ensuring all measures are taken to reduce preventable incidents

Unfortunately, there are still a number of errors and incidents that occur within the healthcare industry that are avoidable. This can be for a number of reasons: poor training, lack of development, unsuitable equipment, poor risk identification, inability to review and learn from previous incidents.
However one way to help mitigate this is to implement a HSEQ Management System that promotes a culture of identifying issues as they arise and regularly reviewing incidents, non-conformities and processes to improve moving forward.

Cybersecurity and Online Threats

Ensuring patient data and information remains secure

Over recent years, healthcare professionals have shifted toward promoting digital health initiatives. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to the implementation of programs such as telehealth to ensure that patients can continue to get medical attention online.
This does, however, raise a concern that these processes are safe from external threats. When a breach occurs, not only does this compromise sensitive financial information, the providers themselves could potentially be liable to pay a penalty if they were not acting in accordance to the regulatory standards.
The SafeWrite platform offers a compressive manual detailing processes and procedures that align with ISO 27001, the leading standard for Information and Data Security.
Did you know? The SafeWrite platform is already accredited to the ISO 27001 framework, so users have confidence that the information and data stored inside the platform is secure.

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