Policies & Document Management

Effective control of all documentation. An easy to use quality management system

Secure cloud storage for key business documents

Effective document control to take care of compliance requirements. An easy to use quality management system

Many business owners know the importance of keeping policies and procedures updated and controlled effectvely. Not only does it help staff and workers understand their roles and responsibilities, but it is also a key compliance requirement for many industries.
Despite this, a lot of businesses still struggle with managing paper-based forms and procedures, often causing more confusion for workers.
The SafeWrite tools can help below. The SafeWrite platform has pre-built ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 documentation templates to help businesses adopt best practice frameworks – perfect for ISO certification.

Quality Assurance - ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised standard for Quality Assurance. Many businesses are required to be ISO compliant to ensure that the products or services they offer will meet or exceed the standards of their clients. As a result, ISO 9001 certification is a key requirements for almost all tenders and Government contract work.

Health & Safety - ISO 45001

ISO 45001 is the internationally recognised standard for Health & Safety. All businesses want their workers and staff to remain healthy and free from injury. The ISO 45001 framework was established to provide a 'best practice' framework for business owners to follow to ensure that they are doing everything possible to minimise risk of injury.

Environmental - ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised standard for Environmental Management. Many are conscious of the environmental impact their operations has on the planet. That is why many government contracts and tenders require ISO 14001 compliance to minimise the level of impact the job will have on the environment.

client needs analysis template

Policies Manager

Use the templates in the SafeWrite library or import and maintain all documentation in one location. Staff can easily access, export and edit all relevant documentation. The Manager can export the documentation with custom headers and footers with your information

swms register

SWMS Document Register

Store all Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) in one register. Completed SWMS can easily be sent to staff before commencing work. Their acknowledgement can be tracked in the approval list 

HSEQ software quality management system software

Documentation Manager

Store and maintain all company documents in one shared drive. Documents can be collaboratively edited and updated in real-time. Support file types are Word, Pdf, Excel & PowerPoint. SafeWrite is the ultimate quality management system, quick to implement and easy to use. 

What Our Customers Are Saying.

Leon D.
Leon D.
27. April, 2023.
SafeWrite Review - IsoAnalytics Overall: Excellent Pros: The ease-of-use and templates straight out of the box. The customer support from [sensitive content hidden] and the team are phenomenal. I don't think i've interacted with a company that provides online services at all where they have reached out to make sure everything is going well and to prompt whether we needed any assistance. It was refreshing! It's a super easy to use platform, we got going in minutes. Cons: Some of the word docs (like all word doccs) can have clunky table formatting but that's a document for you!
Rodney G.
Rodney G.
29. March, 2023.
Safewrite review Inform Pros: Templates and structure of QC Manual provide a good basis to customise own Manual Cons: Monthly subscription fee - do not need an online facility
Carolyn N.
Carolyn N.
29. September, 2022.
New User of Safewrite Overall: It has been good with great support so far Pros: It covers most of our business. Heavily focussed on WHS and Environment - need ability to switch to more general business titles/terminology Cons: Focus on manufacturing businesses. Some features do not flow well. Need more actions for ttaching evidence/documents for completed projects/tasks
Paul T.
Paul T.
21. July, 2022.
Review following ISO 9001 Audit Pros: For our business the HSEQ Dashboard and Policies Manager are the 2 main tools that we use, from a compliance perspective. Also the business planning tools, as our clients in Aged Care and NDIS require business plans for applications and ongoing accreditation. We also use the business planning tools for clients who are applying for grants and tenders. The knowledge bank in MAUS is second to none - although sometimes when time is short is easier to just pick up the phone and speak with the support team. Cons: The content is in my opinion a little one dimensional in terms of sector focus. For example the ISO manuals would benefit from having a service focused version.
Jack P.
Jack P.
26. May, 2022.
We finally got rid of paper documents! Pros: It is easy to use, the staff is friendly, there are plenty of training resources my team can use if they get stuck. The difference is night and day, considering we came from a world of messy excel sheets and stacks of paper documentation. We could not have achieved our ISO certification without it. Cons: The software isn't the fastest out there, sometimes it takes a few moments on rural sites. They mentioned that they are working to help with this, and I wouldn't trade the speed for the utility the system provides anyway.
Jacques E.
Jacques E.
13. April, 2022.
New start Overall: Average Pros: Someone will come back and follow up even if it is not immediately Cons: Set up support is somewhat lacking and support is not always available,
Kris B.
Kris B.
4. April, 2022.
Review of software Overall: The software is easy to use and the webinar's are especially helpful. Small numbers give you lots of time to ask questions etc. and very personalised. Pros: Definitely easy to use this software as I am starting from scratch with some knowledge of the system but this is far better than having to rewrite our out of date system Cons: So far haven't found any negatives about using the system
Paul R.
Paul R.
14. March, 2022.
Easy to use software and great value for money. Overall: Simple data storage, but not an effective reporting tool. Pros: Ease of use and the price was right for a basic software package. Cons: May be a bit basic moving forward, we need more statistical information for reporting etc.
Stuart F.
Stuart F.
10. February, 2022.
Top Result Overall: It has helped us to our first ISO audit and this was successful as we are now ISO 9001 compliant Pros: The way it is set out and all the templates are a big help. Cons: There are certainly a fair few typo's and one or 2 gliches in the system.

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