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Success Story – Kavato Civil Solutions

Success Story – Kavato Civil Solutions

At SafeWrite, we love to hear how the tools have helped users achieve their goals. Whether it is ISO accreditation, or simply to improve their internal processes with a more structured approach, the SafeWrite tools can help businesses of any size.

Hear from one of our users below:


Jason K – Kavato Civil Solutions

Jason is the Managing Director of a Civil Engineering and Maintenance Company that works on the water infrastructure around Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

After many years working in the Mining Industry Jason decided to take his experience and venture into building his own business. In order to get the necessary foundation in place for a QMS system, Jason needed to implement a quality framework swiftly. But creating a quality system and getting it in place would have taken countless hours away from the more critical day to day operations of the business.

The initial problem that prompted Jason’s search, was the fact that he needed accreditation and after working with so many different QMS Systems, he knew the importance of having a well set up, informative system that he can use to show his progress within and around his workings.

Jason noticed that similar organisations utilised alternative health & safety platforms and had successfully reached accreditation through the ISO body, this is what started the search for a ready to go system which is where he found the SafeWrite Hub.
After extensive research, Jason realised that the SafeWrite platform would be most suitable for his organisation and found it the best fit for his current and future objectives.

He was amazed with the level of support and training offered by the SafeWrite team, receiving weekly training invitations to give him the necessary foundation to implement the QMS system. Jason quickly noticed that the system SafeWrite provided was extremely user friendly and saved a significant amount of time building the much-needed foundation. Initially Jason’s plan was to implement the tools and leave the SafeWrite platform once everything was up and running. However, after working with SafeWrite for over 3 years now, he ‘keeps rolling, because the software is so good’. Furthermore, the customer service and support Jason experiences was very useful through the compiling and development of the platform, which ultimately helped him utilise the system to its full potential.

Jason plans to continue to work with the tools and admits that he was ‘never worried about actually getting accreditation, because using the SafeWrite system is good!’ Not long after implementing the SafeWrite documentation tools, Jason won his first job and now leverages the tools to streamline his processes and positions himself to win future jobs.

Mitch Kenny

Mitch has an extensive knowledge on HSEQ and compliance requirements. He has spent the last 5 years as the Product Manager for the MAUS ISO & Compliance solutions, before launching SafeWrite to further help users improve their systems and processes through leading technology and resources.