Product Updates – Nov 2022

Product Updates – Nov 2022

As we approach the end of the year, we wanted to share some of the exciting new features and updates we have been working on. These updates, both inside our platform and out, will help improve our overall user experience and engagement with the tools, while also supporting them with additional resources and solutions.

These changes have been made with our users in mind, and are predominately based on the feedback and requests that have been raised.

Check out the quick video below which walks through these updates:

Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

  • Auto Audit: Now available is an audit scheduler for you to create and schedule recurring audits and checklists. This is a great way to “set and forget” when establishing your recurring checks and internal audits inside your management system. You can assign roles to users, ensure they are notified when each new audit is due, and receive automated reports and results once each new audit is completed. Keeping workers accountable for their ongoing roles in the system, and managers with a finger on the pulse.
  • Auto Action: Similar to the previous release, users are now able to create recurring tasks inside their Project Manager and Corrective Actions Register. Some tasks may need to be repeated every week, fortnight etc, and now users can create this schedule and notify accountable users when each new task is due. Once again, this will ensure the ongoing operation of the management system is smooth and consistent.
  • NDIS Documentation Launch: This has been a consistent request that we have received. Many users have recognised the quality and detail in our ISO documentation templates and have long asked for a similar solution for NDIS providers. Luckily, many of the requirements for NDIS accreditation are the same as ISO requirements, so the same registers can be leveraged by users looking to systemise their NDIS processes. This new suite of documentation will now help with the NDIS accreditation process for any business looking to become a registered provider. The documentation covers the 4 core modules and additional modules 1 to 5.
  • SafeWrite Partner Program Launch: This initiative was launched to help provide SafeWrite users with access to consulting, auditing and training solutions so they can fulfil their original objectives with the tools. This network aims to empower users with the resources and solutions to achieve their goals, whether it is ISO accreditation, tender applications or overall systemisation of your management systems. You can search our database of partners via the search page here. If you are wanting to learn more about becoming a SafeWrite Partner, please email to learn more.

We hope you are excited to jump in and check out these latest updates. If you have any questions about any of the features above, feel free to reach out to the SafeWrite team via or call 02 9907 1669.

We looking forward to sharing more exciting new announcements in the coming months!

Mitch Kenny

Mitch has an extensive knowledge on HSEQ and compliance requirements. He has spent the last 5 years as the Product Manager for the MAUS ISO & Compliance solutions, before launching SafeWrite to further help users improve their systems and processes through leading technology and resources.