ISO Certification – Your Key To Winning More Tenders

Win Tenders with ISO Certification

ISO Certification – Your Key To Winning More Tenders

Winning tenders is essential for any organisation to grow and become successful. However, many times securing that tender from a potential customer requires ISO certification. While accreditation by the International Standard Organisation is sought after by more and more companies looking for bids, the process of receiving certification has become easier during the tendering and pre-qualification stage.

What is ISO Accreditation?

ISO certification shows that a company adheres to the standards set by the ISO. The ISO creates standardisation for industries such as construction, healthcare, manufacturing, engineering, and more. Certification is proof that a business meets the requirements set by the ISO. Certification requires that businesses use a Quality Management System to keep compliant. In particular, ISO 9001 is the standard for QMS and millions of companies across the globe use it.  The QMS system establishes the rules necessary to meet the standards and helps identify any weaknesses that could threaten worker safety or put the company at risk for liability. It plays a critical role during the tendering and pre-qualification stage.

Even if ISO certification is not a factor in winning tenders it still offers benefits. For example, ISO-certified companies tend to run better with lower operating costs. They increase their value to their customers due to the trust built through certification. The unbiased observations of an outside party also help identify any weaknesses in systems and products. As a result, potential problems get addressed quickly thereby lowering future costs and increasing customer satisfaction as well as revenue. If you’re doing business in Australia, New Zealand, or anywhere in the world, and want to win more tenders, ISO certification is crucial.

Why Do Customers Require ISO Certification for Tenders?

For some customers, ISO certification is not a requirement, however, organisations with certification show their customers, and the public at large, that they take safety seriously. That said, in some industries, and government agencies, in particular, certification is mandatory. For these customers, submitting tenders without ISO certification is not an option. However, organisations that have begun the process or are pre-qualified may be considered. The process of gaining ISO certification for tenders is streamlined thanks to QMS management software. Businesses that invest in these systems organise the process in a cost-effective way.

How Businesses Gain Accreditation

Accreditation requires an audit from a third party. An auditor visits the organisation on two separate occasions to verify the QMS and then to inspect the operational process. Upon successful completion, the Certification Body makes a recommendation and then grants certification. Sounds simple enough, but without a system to organise the process, it becomes unwieldy and the chances of failure increase.

How SafeWrite Helps With Pre-Qualification

SafeWrite creates software that helps businesses get their ISO certification. Inspections become a routine part of compliance thanks to audit and template builders and online management options. Automated registers and reminders assist in the management of events, assets, contractors, equipment, and training events. Likewise, incident reporting and document management become much easier to stay on top of. Off-the-shelf documents assist with compliance and save time and money.

Win Tenders with ISO Certification

To win more tenders with ISO certification, you need a partner with the tools, systems, and support that lead to success. From the pre-qualification stage through the accreditation process, SafeWrite is that partner. Learn more about how we do this. Book a demo today.

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