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Health & Safety Software for ISO 45001

Health & Safety Software for ISO 45001. Get ISO certified!

Our Health & Safety Software for ISO 45001 has helped over 1,000 businesses systemize and automate their HSEQ processes and achieve ISO certification. Fill in the form to start your 10 day free trial or schedule a demo.

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Simple, easy to use Health & Safety Software for ISO 45001 – designed to streamline processes and boost efficiency for businesses of all sizes.

All businesses owners know the value of keeping their workers safe, promoting sustainability and ensuring a quality product/service delivery, however despite this many business owners still fail to prioritize and efficient delivery of these process.
Many of these requirements are still being carried out through paper-based documents, leaving room for higher levels of error. Other businesses have tried to simplify some of these processes through implementing several software platforms, however this can also be clunky and difficult to manage.


Now there’s SafeWrite! SafeWrite helps systemize and automate key business HSEQ processes in one cloud-based portal. Perfect for businesses who have outgrown their paper-based systems and are looking for a more efficient way to streamline their compliance obligations.

Instant Access to Off-The-Shelf HSEQ Registers

Pre-built registers with automated reminders and notifications – no setup required

The SafeWrite platform has over 15 registers to help streamline and automate a businesses’ HSEQ processes. Our health & safety software for ISO 45001 is designed to help staff and workers log information easily while also triggering reminders and notifications for any key dates. Some of these processes include:

  • Audits and Inspections
  • Incidents and Risk Assessment
  • Policies and Document Management
  • Registers and Reminders


All data is displayed on the HSEQ Management Dashboard, with graphs and calendar views to ensure nothing gets forgotten! Our health & safety software for ISO 45001 makes certification simple.

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Includes Pre-Written Manuals and Documentation

Instant access to ISO-compliant documentation with 70-90% of content already written!

A businesses documentation should form the bedrock of any management system; not only does it provide a great resources workers to learn the ropes, it also is the key component auditors review during ISO accreditation.


The SafeWrite platform has pre-configured templates written to the latest requirements for ISO 45001 (Health & Safety), ISO 9001 (Quality Assurance), and ISO 14001 (Information Security). All documentation is 100% customizable with 70-90% of the content already provided – perfect for businesses who are looking to become ISO certified or win new tenders.

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See for yourself why over 1,000 businesses have implemented the SafeWrite tools. SafeWrite is the leading Health & Safety software for ISO 45001

Alternatively, you can schedule a free one on one demo with a member of the SafeWrite team. These are typically the best way to get an understanding of the tools and if they would be suitable for your business.